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There is a wide range of applications for 3D visualisations, they can help both home owners and professional builders/developers alike.

Some proposals can be difficult to interpret, when only 2 dimensional images are viewed on paper or computer screen and it's for this reason that CPA Design offers visualisations. By creating your proposed build, whether it’s a small extension, a New Build or even a small estate, it can be created in a virtual space before one brick is laid upon the site. There is no need to struggle with imagining how the proposed build will look, we can create still images at any angle and even a video 'walk/fly around' if desired.

We have found that even construction professionals find 3D visuals a great resource for identify potential construction issues, in addition it allows all those involved in a project to understand the principle concept with ease.

CPA Design primarily uses a combination of AutoCAD and SketchUp for most projects, or 3D Max for larger or more involved schemes. Using these programmes, any viewing angle can be created, that may be from a nearby public road, outside or within the building.

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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Architectural and Construction Services to Homeowners and Industry Professionals. See the 'Our Clients' page for further information. Until May 2019 we traded as CPA Planning Design.
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