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Tunbridge Wells, Kent

CPA Design is based in Tunbridge Wells and has been for over 26 years and counting.

For visitors, Tunbridge Wells offers many attractions that entertaining the whole family and much more. To be absorbed in the History of the town, visitors can take a short walk to The Pantiles, a Georgian colonnade with a plentiful selection of bespoke shops, restaurants and tea rooms. For those with an interest in the Arts, the Trinity Theatre offers an eclectic mixture of activities and shows including Films, Comedy, Music and Dance as well as activities to entertain children. The town has some breathtaking architecture and to protect this, groups such as the well respected Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society exist to ensure the continence of buildings in the area. If the hustle and bustle of the town becomes a little too overwhelming, it’s only a short walk to one of the many Public Parks, such as the Wellington Rocks, Calverley Grounds, Camden Park and Dunorlan Park. These are beautiful open spaces, secluded from the town with impressive support from local residents who have transformed them for the better.

The Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has made efforts to encourage the use of public transport and discourage personal transport. This does equate to limited and/or costly parking costs, although parking facilities are available in many areas of the town.

For residents, they are no doubt already aware of the good public transport network which permits access to London within 45 minutes, along with excellent educational establishments. There are many areas to suit all prospective citizens of the town along with a good selection of amenities. Those interested in the Architectural History and issues concerning the future of the town are recommended to contact the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society.

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Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we provide Architectural and Construction Services to Homeowners and Industry Professionals. See the 'Our Clients' page for further information. Until May 2019 we traded as CPA Planning Design.
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